We Help Clients Transform Their Stress And Anxiety Into Their Biggest Strength and Confidence So They Can Enjoy Life Again

by clearing the energetic blockages in the body, mind, heart and spirit

Our Mission: 

Reclaim your power – Live Out Of Your Head and Into Your Strength

Our Vision: 

A world united in individual power, love and wisdom.

What is Heal From Within© and
how can it help you?

Heal From Within© is a revolutionary coaching program for overwhelmed and stressed-out people who want a permanent solution to living life with more peace, laughter, self-love, confidence and energy.

Founded by Siu Ping Negrin, an acupuncturist and energy healer, who through 20 years of clinical experience, solved the mystery of stress with this simple philosophy…

“Stress is a physical manifestation of what your mind is telling you. Don’t change your mindset.  Instead get out of your head and back into listening to your Power Within!”

We Do This By Enacting Your the 3-Step Stress Freedom Formula


Remove the negative energy stuck in your mind and body.


Reboot your body with a smooth flow of energy every day.


Return control back to your inner power giving you confidence to manage and enjoy life again.

Can You Relate?

You’ve tried everything to feel better –  yoga, mindfulness, therapy, massage, acupuncture, meditation, pilates, and relaxing spa retreats. They all feel good in the moment, but none of them have long-lasting effects. You can’t keep searching and spending to only get momentary relief.

You just don’t feel good and don’t know what’s wrong.  One day you are fine and then all of a sudden you feel broken.  Your body is one big knot with constant stomach, shoulder, neck or back pain. You’re having one sleepless night after another.  You’ve tried melatonin, valium, CBD oil, but nothing works.  – the only thing that gets you an extra hour or two is sleeping pills or anxiety meds, and some nights you need both.

You can’t get out of your own head and cope by playing out every scenario over and over again in your mind. Your heart is constantly racing with worry and you’re almost running on empty. Your responsibilities are endless, but you continue to give to everyone except yourself. It’s time to start enjoying life and not constantly waiting for when the next shoe will drop.

You’ve lived too long just not feeling right and life is passing you by.  You deserve to live the rest of your life feeling happy and fulfilled. If not now, when?

Your anxiety has taken over your life and you can no longer motivate yourself. You have no energy and have trouble concentrating, making work impossible. Even the simplest of tasks like cleaning or leaving your home is overwhelming. Your mind is in a constant state of worry and fear. Time is slipping by and you realize you have no choice but to take care of yourself NOW.

You’ve seen doctors and specialists looking for help with your indigestion, insomnia, tachycardia, chest pains, and overall tension. Now, you’re on too many medications to count, and you’re also struggling with weight gain, brain fog, and fatigue on top of everything else. You must get off the drugs and get your health back under control. You’re starting to wonder if there’s anything that can help relieve your discomfort and stress.

You can’t seem to move forward from your past traumas.  Memories of a past life-threatening illness (i.e. cancer), assault, abuse, neglect or childhood adversities lurk inside of you, awaiting the next trigger to rise to the surface.  You desperately need to rid the anxieties, fears or anger which is trapped within.  You would do anything to unload these emotions which continue to hold you back.  You deeply desire to become liberated so you can move towards positive self-growth and healthier relationships. 

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then you are not alone. And we can probably help you, as we have done with many other people in similar predicaments.

Can this work for you?

Discover the 3-Step Formula “Resilient” People Use To Regain Their Power And Stop Stress From Overtaking Them So They Can Lead A Peaceful and Self-Empowered Life